Welcome to the Geo-Glogs Project
November 2010-May 2011

What is a Geo-Glog? Geo stands for geography. Geography is the study of our Earth and its landforms and inhabitants. A Glog is an online, interactive poster that includes text, images, audio, video, and links. We have combined the two terms to create our project called Geo-Glogs. A Geo-Glog is a glog that your class will create to share everything that is special about your your community and the people that live there.

We want to know:

  • where you live (town/city, state/providence, country, and continent)
  • what types of fun activities you have in your community
  • what are some favorite foods of your class and your community
  • what your homes look like
  • what type of clothes are popular or traditional in your community
  • what your school looks like
  • what types of jobs your community offers
  • who your government officials are
  • what type of weather you have
  • what language is spoken
  • anything else you want to share about your community

This project is created by Mrs. Kellam's 1st grade class with help from Mrs. Ogen, our technology specialist, at Nursery Road Elementary in Columbia, SC. We have created a glog (an online, interactive poster) about our community to share with you. Please view our glog and then create a glog about your community to share with us and other participating schools on this wiki. It will be fun to learn from each other and to see how our communities are similar and different.

Click here to get information on joining our project!

Our participating schools:
Cibolo Green Elementary, SanAntonio, TX
BCLUW Community School, Conrad, IA
Elementary School, LosAngeles, CA
SanLee Middle School, Sanford, NC
Diggs-Lantham Elementary, Winston-Salem, NC
The Fifth Primary School, Stara Zagora, BULGARIA
New Providence Elementary, Lexington, SC

Contact Information: Need more info on this project? E-Mail Karen Ogen (kogen@lex5.k12.sc.us)