We want to learn about your community. Here is how your class can join our project:

1. This project is open to any K-12 public, private, or home-school classroom from anywhere in the world.
2. Please fill out this form to let us know that you are joining our project.
3. Gather information, pictures, and video about your community. We would like to know:
  • where you live (town/city, state/providence, country, and continent)
  • what types of fun activities you have in your community
  • what are some favorite foods of your class and your community
  • what your homes look like
  • what type of clothes are popular or traditional in your community
  • what your school looks like
  • what types of jobs your community offers
  • who your government officials are
  • what type of weather you have
  • what language is spoken
  • anything else you want to share about your community
  • Remember: Glogster EDU projects can include text, images, audio, video, and links to web resources, so use all of these to really show us what your community is like.

3. Sign up at Glogster EDU for a FREE educator account and create a glog about your community. Your project MUST be created at Glogster EDU to be published in this project wiki.
4. When your glog is ready, send the URL (web link) of your glog to Mrs. Ogen (Kogen@lex5.k12.sc.us) and she will publish it on this project wiki.
5. View your project and others on this project wiki to learn about other communities.